Mindy Jones
(770) 231-1016

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Mindy Jones

In 1990, I thought I was living the "American Dream" because I owned a ladies clothing store, but that store ended up owning me. I was too busy trying to make a living to have a life. My daughter was four years old at the time and she was being raised in daycare. I didn't want to wake up when she was 18 and have regrets for not spending more time with her.

I became a Mom to be a Mom, so I started looking for a home-based business. Reliv came into my life and it has been a blessing I could have never imagined. Within the first year I was able to generate a six-figure income helping people achieve their dreams, which allowed me to sell my store and come home and be that full-time Mom.

From preschool to high school I got to be there for my daughter Sarah - being the room Mom, the team Mom for her cheerleading teams, going on the field trips, taking Sarah to and from school, never missing a thing - thanks to Reliv.

Because of the life changing products and income opportunity, my business has grown all over the world into 13 different countries. I love to travel and Reliv has sent me on more than 100 all-expenses paid trips to places like Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bermuda, Germany, UK and Hawaii. I am literally learning my geography through Reliv!

Today I have time to play tennis, do volunteer work, travel, spend time with family and friends and give back to the community - something I never had time to do before. I'm living full-time and working part-time and I have freedom and flexibility in my life. Reliv has been about giving hope to others . . . . hope for their health and hope for their finances. I have never been so excited to be a part of the biggest group of difference makers.